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Our Mission

We will provide products that have the integrity and ability to enhance the lives of women & men through their effectiveness, simplicity and beauty. We believe that our activities should be governed by the requirements of our customers, our use of natural & organic ingredients, and our concern for the environment.

Our History

When CEO Lenny Anderson moved to Australia and opened American Beauty Salon she was disappointed to see the poor quality of self-tanners that people were using. As Lenny had come from the United States, a land of tan and where the tanning beds are not illegal, she decided that Australia needed the perfect tan and immediately set about creating it. That was in November 2013.

She then set about creating the tan trying different formulas on all skin types so that Envy U Skincare could provide a natural looking tan that fades evenly and has no orange undertones. Once the base product was complete she set about refining it with use by our celebrity clients to ensure that the tan could withstand the rigours of long photo shoots and extreme workouts. Finally by July 2015 the recipe was right and the first Summer Envy Tan rolled out of the laboratory ready for use. Envy U Summer Envy Tan was introduced to the world in February 2016 and has been shipping globally ever since.

To complement the tanning range Lenny also wanted to provide a game-changing range of hydrating soaps & exfoliating scrubs made only from natural & organic ingredients. We’re a company built around helping people have healthy, beautiful skin, and so we have the highest standards for our ingredients. Lenny’s own experience in maintaining a clear complexion allowed her to see how skin disorders and sensitivities affected self-confidence. This led to the creation of the Envy U Skincare Body Basics Collection which launched in June 2016.

The Summer Envy Tan & Body Basics Collection have been certified 100% Microplastic free by Beat The Microbead, the international campaign against Microplastic Ingredients in cosmetics. This campaign is currently supported by 91 NGO’s from 38 countries.